Just a reminder, artists only make roughly $0.006 per listen on Spotify

Yeah sorry, I just got a degree in audio production. Work in the music industry, advise on music copyright issues. Deal with labels and artists. Study how record labels worked in the past and present. And help artists stream content.

I never argued that they don't provide a good service to the customer. But they do constantly take advantage of artists, and they used to pay out even less, until people started to complain.

That's why the music modernization bill got pushed into Congress.

So keep sucking Spotify's ass, and continue to fuck over artists.

This all started when aloe Black's single in 2013 was the most streamed song in the world. And all he got was $12,000 total revenue from all streaming services combined. In 2014 Spoitfys revenue was 1.3 billion. So they have 1.3billion and the most streamed artist can't even pay of the recording costs for the song he made. Granted it's not all Spoitfys fault the labels played a hand in this as well, because they work with spoitfy.

Yes it's gotten better but they still do things to take advantage of creators. But obviously you don't care about that. It's good enough for you, but if people like you kept taking their bullshit when you obviously have no idea how the industry works, things would continue to be dire for music creators.

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