Just a reminder, it’s not transphobic to not want to fuck or date a guy who has a vagina because that’s a genital preference. However, It is transphobic to not respect that guy and blatantly ignore his gender identity because you think he’s just a woman.

I'm gay. I am attracted to maleness and masculinity. Male genitalia falls into this category. This is not a "genital preference", it is a part of being gay. Yes, a gay man can be attracted to a trans man, as a trans man can exhibit masculine traits to which gay men are often attracted, however, using a homophobic phrase, like "genital preference" is still homophobic when used as an attempt to encourage acceptance of trans people.

Don't you think it's a bit hypocritical to use that phrase? I didn't choose to be gay, I was born this way. Imagine if someone said "It's not transphobic to date a guy who is biologically female, but has a male gender preference".

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