I just sold

Conrgrats mate.

Being mortgage free is such a good feeling. I focused on it before I got in to Bitcoin and before my job went (which I knew it would) - so cleared it before my salary went.

Yes you could probably held on to that chunk and perhaps made more money (maybe), but why take the risk if you got where you wanted?

I had a lot of bitcoin and sold the majority of it for 300% profit. (I had to pay a lot of existing taxes and wanted some financial security in case BTC crashed).

But I held on to 225 BTC of it and have sold a little every now and then gradually for increased financial security and now have just over 100 BTC remaining.

At the end of the day it doesn't matter what everyone else does as long as you can afford to lose your investment and consider selling when you meet your personal goals.

Glad it worked out for you my friend!!!

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