Just some rambling

I'm 19, I did LSD a couple times

Nice, I did shrooms which eventually got me 'here'. Psychedelics can make you extremely delusional though. Be careful not to take your internal narrative & view of the world too seriously.

I’ve definitely woken to the oneness of the universe

What do you mean?

If I learnt anything from Alan, it’s that to play the game and understand that I’m playing is probably the best way to live your life and looking for answers to my questions is just going to keep making more, until the day I can breathe and look around me and understand that this is it and I’m exactly where I’ve needed to be this entire time.

Alan was not enlightened or someone to take seriously when it comes to life advice - at least, you can do better. What he says is food for thought, sure, but he himself admitted he was just an entertainer.

So really either way, whichever makes me happier is the way to go.

Well, Zen isn't about 'happiness', it's about realising your true nature.

But there’s always that nagging feeling. “What about enlightenment”. I guess at the end of the day.

Zen masters teaches us that there is no search, and that in fact our search prevents us from seeing what is already there.

I have an eternity to search for it.

Not really.. That's just an idea. You don't really know do you?

Who the fuck knows?

You take your thoughts and concepts too seriously. Lurk on this sub for a while, check out the top posts, see what goes on. Check out the recommended reading wiki. Ask some dumb questions every now then that get you a ton of responses you don't understand haha..

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