Just thought of something interesting about the setting of Breading Bad.

Albuquerque was named in honor of Francisco, Duke of Alburquerque,[7] who was viceroy of New Spain from 1653 to 1660.

The growing village soon to become Albuquerque was named by provincial governor Francisco Cuervo y Valdés. Francisco's title referred to the Spanish town of Alburquerque, in the Spanish province of Badajoz, near the border with Portugal. The name has two theories of origin which denote either Latin or Arabic roots. The first of which derived from the Latin albus quercus meaning "white oak".[8] This name was probably in reference to the prevalence of cork oaks in the region, which have a white wood when the bark is removed. Alburquerque is still a center of the Spanish cork industry,[9] and the town coat-of-arms features a white cork oak.[10] Another theory suggests that it may come from the Arabic Abu al-Qurq, which means "father of the cork [oak]".

The first "r" in Alburquerque was later dropped, probably due to association with the prominent general Alfonso de Albuquerque, whose family title (among others), and then name, originated from the border Spanish town, but used a variant spelling in their name. The change was also in part due to the fact that citizens found the original name difficult to pronounce.[11]

Western folklore offers a different explanation, tracing the name Albuquerque to the Galician word albaricoque, meaning "apricot". The apricot was brought to New Mexico by Spanish settlers, possibly as early as 1743. As the story goes, the settlement was established near an apricot tree, and became known as La Ciudad de Albaricoque (A Cidade do Albaricoque in Galician). As frontiersmen were unable to correctly pronounce the Galician word, it became corrupted to "Albuquerque".

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