I just took the Enneagram Test and...

Is that this test?

Has a lot of stuff behind paywalls but I got...

69% Two - The Giver

42% Three - The Achiever

98% Four - The Individualist

86% Five - The Investigator (the description looks a bit different than yours, so probably not the same test)

95% Six - The Skeptic

55% Seven - The Enthusiast

65% Eight - The Challenger

78% Nine - The Peacemaker

63% One (whyever that is last) - The Perfectionist

Is it normal to have more than 50% on nearly everyhting? And some of these might be inaccurate, like, I'm a massive perfectionist, but not always in accordance with existing rules like the test seems to see it.

With the two big numbers...

Type 4 is known as The Individualist. Fours want to be unique and to live life authentically, and are highly attuned to their emotional experience.

Type 6 is also known as The Skeptic. Sixes are preoccupied with security, seek safety, and like to be prepared for problems.

... it basically says I'm a paranoid hermit. Knew that one already, that's not news...

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