Just trying to pass the time on a mandatory 72hr psych hold. Games are just about the only thing that makes me smile these days.

Apparently multiple experiences and familiarity with protocol, as well as having family members familiar with the protocol all saying OP is a liar is simply anecdotal.

Also no. I didn't try to one up you. You brought up the specifics of your illness like it has any relevance at all, so I brought up mine specifically. Get over yourself. Not everything is about you.

Nope. I came in here and offered support and left comments saying as much. Deleted all of them when OP couldn't keep anything they were saying straight. They changed their story a couple times and it just doesn't fit in reality.

And maybe you should get over yourself. You seem to have this insistence that anyone who argues with you is simply an attention whore. In reality, you're not the center of the world and what you say doesn't go. So maybe you should get over yourself too. Because I was raised by Donald Trump without the money and you're really giving me those vibes. Someone who is insistent that they know everything, discounting fact, twisting words and generally acting like a toddler. Have fun with that. I've got better things to do than waste my life on a narc. Bye Felicia. Blocked.

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