Just turned 18, going to be betting pretty small amounts on games this weekend, what’s the best site to use for someone new to betting?

Betting for fun of it and discussing it with friends is great fun. If you depend on the winnings you might make then yes, it will surely bring you what you mentioned.

If OP is planning to expand his "game" and try to find new ways to bet because they are more likely to bring him money then maybe it's game over but as a genuine football fan betting on your favourite leagues makes it a better experience. u/CoffeeMrWest if you catch yourself betting on teams you've never seen playing or do not know a thing about them then turn it off. If you plan on playing as you mentioned, EPL and your favourite EU leagues then keep going.

In my country there are a couple of local betting sites and sport betting is legal with its own shops around every corner but I found out that bet365 is the best one.

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