I just wanna say my crush is like hella cute

So like she's got this longish kind of medium length brown hair and a lot of people say brown hair is boring but it's actually the best natural color, anyway so her hair is always like mostly straight but then occasionally it curls around and sometimes when she's leaning forward her hair falls from her shoulder down in front of her and it's ridiculously cute. When a teacher calls on her or there's a discussion in class (Socratic seminars are awful) she participates all the time and when the teacher helps out in the discussion, she starts nodding and you can tell she's really into what's going on. In chemistry, our teacher makes jokes a lot so when he calls on her it usually results in her trying not to laugh. She seems to laugh pretty easily so you end up with her having a goofy but adorable smile on her face while she tries not to laugh in a quiet classroom. She's also pretty quiet in class so she doesn't seem to be noticed a lot by other people but man does it add to her charm.

Tldr she's great

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