Just wanted to commiserate on this dreary post-holiday Monday

Preference is HUGE, because there's a booming industry of graphic design based on modern calligraphy

That's right the preference to do lazy calligraphy and then trying to sell it which is fine by me. Also there's a fine line between graphic design calligraphy vs calligraphy on paper. The portfolios of the two women you linked to in IMHO are garbage, its not even lazy, it's just half assed work thrown in and the kicker here is "printing" and prolly some marketing. Just being very blunt. From a graphic design perspective those are nothing but scribbles. Legibility, contrast, proportions, composition, the whole nine yards its an absolute mess but it does sell so they got that going for them which is all that matters. You say they do this with intention and I'm saying going by their past work they do this because it's an easy way out and to get some money going. They've got the creative side working out for them, as far as skills go no fucking way. Modern calligraphy's last saving grace is good printing. If you see nearly any sort of modern calligraphy its complimented with good printing and that's why it sells, oh and all that photography "bespoke" shit they do now, everything is supposedly "bespoke" these days with modern calligraphy. Purely from a calligraphic stand point its just so so. I'm not saying one should do strictly traditional but like I said one needs to show both skill vs creativity. I mean every now and then I'd pick a typedesign that has 0 creativity but has a ton of technical skill to it and I'd replicate it. Your average design enthusiast prolly doesn't care for the techincals because it doesn't have anything pretty to it so why bother replicating it? Because I prove to myself or anyone for that matter that I can if I have to as far as technicals go. Where does this lead me? To explore more in the creative side using this skill which should serve both the average joe who just wants a no brainer piece with little skills or the super anal i'msoperfect technical fundie who approaches me for work.

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