I just wanted to get this off my chest

My self confidence has hit the abyss. I don't earn much. I am not too pretty. I've stopped wearing dresses because of lack of curves. I've never had enough confidence to even have a boyfriend. I cry myself to sleep every night.

This, not the conversations, is the heart of the issue. I am a guy who went full-on baldy headed at 20, and started on that path at 17. It was brutal. Finally I took realized that my self-consciousness was killing me more than anyone else's judgement. I think in all my years, the people who actually had anything negative to say, as opposed to random comments noticing and expressing concern (is it a health thing?) were few and far between.

Once I owned it, things got better. If the people you work with make you uncomfortable, put out some apps and change jobs.

If you want to start feeling better, though, you are going to need to learn to accept random comments and questions without putting them through your self-conscious-filter. 6-foot women are not that common, and people are going to notice. Noticing is not the same as disliking, negatively judging, or making fun of. Work on a standard reply and move on to better conversations!

Changing scenery can be good, but it has to be paired with working on how you take the world in if it is going to make a difference. You live in the world you create with the filters you apply to it.

I've grown tired of telling everyone about my health issues when asked about my physique.

So don't! Make a joke about it. Self-deprecation can be funny and it diffuses most conversations. It doesn't even have to be self-deprecating to be slightly amusing. Make a crack about how hard it is to find dresses size "one half." Make a crack about having to be the big spoon! There is no need to go to the negative.

Anyway, good luck. Don't cry! It's, literally, all in your head

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