Just wanted to share my situation with you guys

Yeah some part might sound pretty egoistic. But no, the main characteristic of egoistic people is they look down on people, and never share their knowledge. ( I have seen the real egoistic people ). That was never my case, I even go to extreme by creating unforgettable skits (like explaining assembly program with the help of chair as register and data as pen) to clear doubts that someone had on some topic that I understood, just so they will never ever forget it. I have given up my whole weekend when my friend asked me to teach whole subject before 2 days before the exam. And I made sure he doesn't fail, even sharing all my secret to remember some tough stuff. People have pointed me that I am way selfless at times. I remember one more memory, I was sitting in classroom and suddenly it came to my mind that a lot of my guys in my group have never seen internals of the PC, so I called them on weekend so I can show my PC internals because I felt that it must be hard on them to study hardware when they haven't ever seen with their eyes, they didn't even ever asked for it.

On some occasions, people thought that I don't follow my own words through my actions, my weight loss adventure is big slap on their face too. It's not a joke when you loose 5KG/month. Sheer dedication, discipline, patience and you can attach many more nouns in this list that leads to that kind of result.

TLDR; I am simply just proud of who I am. Ego, no. Acknowledge my potential, yes.

The only reason I am talking like 'I, me and myself' is because that's the only way I can prove that I am not who you think I am.

Of course I know very well I don't have any enterprise environment experience, but I am not supposed to have that. I never encountered problems which enterprises stumble upon, so it's fine that I don't know solutions for regarding that.

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