Just wanted to share what's happening in my country, Iraq. A revolution against the corruption, where the police are firing live bullets on the protestors, they also shut the internet off, but they can't block the message.

Hey I am sorry for what the American government did to you guys. I truly hope you can live a normal and peaceful life one day.

I can't imagine what it was like to live in fear of your door being kicked in and a bunch of people in beards storm in and murder half your family, or catching random bullets / bombs.

So many innocent civilians have been killed because of an illegal and senseless war.

I read some investigative journalism about a family being married and mid wedding some type of special forces for the US military raided them and murdered several people including the pregnant bride, they were all out of uniform then to make matters worse took out knives and cut out the bullets from the victims. And how similar raids were happening nightly. It also turned out not a single person at the wedding was even remotely related to terrorism. The general in charge is on video footage trying to apologise for it at one point as well.

I completely understand why so many people turn to al queda and other awful groups who take advantage of people who just suffered from horrendous things, what would you all do if some people kicked down the door to your wedding murdered your wife and your parents then cut the bullets out?

We need to stop this senseless killing.

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