Just watched this video of a man swimming next to a Whirlpools, and found out after just watching the video he drowned doing it again not long after.

I'm not finding any mention of ketamine in the linked article.

This is a person drawn to ocean whirlpools. That's pretty fucked up. Not just links to videos of whirlpools on reddit like we're all doing now - this guy is in the water, not even on a boat, touching it, cold wet and being pulled under. What does that feel like and why did he keep going back? A little thinking could have gone a long way here, but still, people fail to think every day and they rarely feed themselves to the ocean because of it.

Watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SAdbCvgjNKk

Is he playing around? Maybe he got way too comfortable, thought he knew the sea? He doesn't have any breathing apparatus. All it takes is that thing to hold him under for a minute, maybe two, and he's dead. It probably looked just like that video.

The majority of the videos on his channel are shot from the same location. Some little concrete seawall in Cornwall where a whirlpool tends to form. His videos have titles like "Would you believe this? (Unexplained mystery)" and "Justin Bieber VS Whirlpool (The People For Justin Bieber Entering the Void)". The latter may be taking the piss, but in light of the former, not to mention the obvious preoccupation, I think it's safe to say that this person found something sublime in that place. It being a man made formation in kelpy, gross looking water didn't matter.

Drugs may have been a factor. The full ketamine experience (falling in the k-hole) is very intense and can have strong psycho-spiritual aspects. People convey it with language similar to Mr Cockle's video descriptions. He may have discovered the similarities and attempted to combine the experiences, to his utter detriment. In that JB video, he has JB holding a sign that reads 'share and I will jump into a deadly whirlpool'. He's aware that death is a possibility. I don't think he was doing it for kicks, views, whatever. This is not normal behavior, there must be some compulsion driving it. The call of the void? Who knows. I only hope that none of his friends or family blame themselves.

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