I just wish Dave Chapelle would stop going on about cancel culture when he continues to sell out every show and has multiple Netflix specials.

I'll introduce myself with some descriptors so people can determine for themselves where I'm coming from. I'm a white European. I'm a gay man. I'm not a Chapelle fan but I do watch a lot of different standup. I've seen some skits from his TV show and thought they were funny. I've never seen his stand up before for Jo reason other than never having access to it. I didn't know this one was primarily about lgbt communities relationship to him and his experiences.

So this was the first of his standups I've ever seen. I watched all of it today. It was not funny. I could see where jokes were meant to be and could hear his audience laughing at the intended moments but I could not laugh at anything. I wasn't offended as I wouldn't consider myself a member of any of the communities he targeted. I just never laughed. The story he told at the end was sad but I think he was wrong to try and act like it was the twitter abuse that caused that woman to kill herself. That felt gross and self serving.

I might try his old comedy out as I'm sure it must be good but I feel a lot of people that liked this special only liked it because they already liked Chapelle.

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