I was just wondering What is your most memorable Meal and why?

I've eaten at Sukiyabashi Jiro before the documentary came out. He was famous and had 3 Michelin stars, but not American household famous then. At the time it exchanged to $900 for two people for the standard evening omakase menu, plus two low-tier 500mL Sapporo black-label beers.

The sushi is unreal, in particular his rice nigiri form and the temp is surprisingly high, you qucikly notice that it's hot rice. The tuna is top form, the shrimp is comically huge and cut into two. Somehow though, it's all done in 25 minutes and you're back out the door. He wants you to eat 1 piece of sushi per minute for 20 minutes, then allows you a 'breather' to have 5x minutes with the best honeydew melon you'll ever have in your life, then you have to give him $900 cash and then he finally smiles at you. Strangest experience in my life regarding food, seriously.

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