Why it's justified for you to be terrified of Donald Trump's plan for the environment

I believe in climate change, and voted for Trump specifically because he doesn't.

I don't believe the government should attempt to do anything to fix it because it will just be a waste of money. In fact, the government could help fix it by doing less, like not giving energy company any subsidies. Trump may not stop the subsidies, but Clinton definitely wouldn't either, and at least he wont waste money trying to fix it with a government program like cash for clunkers or any other of Obama's failed attempts.

The only way to fix Global Warming is through capitalists like Musk designing new and better ways of using clean electricity.

Another thing, and I actually learned this on the_donald after talking to a coal miner who switched teams when Hillary said she would put the coal mines out of business. I asked him if his town, that was almost entirely supported by the coal mine, had any plans for the eventual death of coal, and he made the point that they actually export a lot of coal to less advanced countries, and that even if America went entirely clean that the coal could help other countries who don't have the money or ability to implement the kinds of infrastructure that might be needed to have things like nuclear power or other large dependable energy sources.

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