Justin Trudeau to remain Prime Minister of Canada

No, see you are actually still confused as to what the term refers to

Yes, we know you can only vote for one party, although you may "support" more than one on some level

With respect to 'popular support' it is in reference to the party you voted for (one party) - get it you voted for them so you support them....

So based on current numbers the cons have 4.84 million votes and the liberals have 4.53 million votes. So about 320K more for the cons - meaning they have greater popular support than the Libs. More Canadians voted for the cons than lib even though that translates to fewer seats for the cons because our electoral system is out of date.

Now yes - if you limp all the other parties against the cons then yes all the other parties have more votes. Which proves only that all the tehri parties have more votes than the cons - because I pit all parties against any one party and always have the grouping of parties come out one top

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