/k/'s open carry solution

Let me break this down for you:

1) In order to use a gun in the event of self-defense, you have to prove that you attempted to deescalate the situation beforehand. That means that if you talked shit, antagonized the other person(s) in any way prior to the conflict, you are at fault for everything that followed. People who want to cowboy around get arrested for MURDER. That's the law of the land. So if you fire a gun in the event of self-defense, it had better actually be for self-defense, and not just for your bruised feelie-feels.

2) People in bad neighborhoods here don't have the luxury of knowing that the other person is unarmed. This continent is saturated with guns already, and that's just the registered firearms that we know about. Owning a gun at least attempts to level the playing field.

3) I don't know the other guy(s) endgame. You talk as if it's all "so you get your ass kicked, so what?" as if that's the only thing that can happen in the event of a violent confrontation. I don't know that. You don't know that. It's incredibly easy to die from a head injury. It's incredibly easy to get PERMANENT brain damage from a head injury. Once I'm incapacitated, they could maim me or rape me or keep hitting me until I'm functionally retarded. There's no telling. Why should I trust a complete stranger with my life? I don't. No one should.

4) I don't owe them shit. You think that just because someone can kick my ass, I have to let them? That's a fine philosophy you've got there. Maybe we should strong arm what we want if people can't stop us, rape women if they can't physically stop us. I mean, we're stronger, right? Maybe we can get some banners for this kind of philosophy. Maybe some slick Hugo Boss uniforms.

Your strawmen about gun owners notwithstanding, I don't think I'm tough. I think I have rights. How sad for you if you don't.

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