Kaepernick still a free agent on Monday. Reports are he didn't move the needle with his workout and Jay Z called it a publicity stunt.

I think you're right, and I think Kaep orchestrated the whole thing. I think the NFL very reluctantly agreed simply because it didn't want the negative press from them not agreeing, and I think Kaep tried to put them in a difficult position. It was a doomed proposition. I believe Kaep is in good football shape, but he knows he's not getting another job, and he just wanted to re-insert himself into the spotlight. I think the NFL went by the book and did as little as they possibly could to help the process or player out, trying to do just enough so as not to get crucified or accused of being against Kaep playing

The reason I doubt he gets another job is simple.

  • Kaep is at best a divisive personality. 10 weeks into the season and heading into crunch time, do you want to bring someone (who rightfully or wrongfully it doesn't matter) brings so much politics into debate, and try to integrate them into a locker room with 53 other people? 53 other people that have been bonding since August? That just sounds doomed from the beginning.

  • He may be better than some teams starters, or even their backups. But he isn't taking anyone to the promised land. He's on the wrong side of 30, and not the QB of the future for anyone

  • It's a midseason audition. The only teams in need of a QB that fit Kaeps profile are who.. Pittsburgh? Detroit? These teams that could conceivably push for the playoffs that need help at QB.. but for a guy that hasn't played a snap in 3 years, how the hell is Kaep gonna get up to speed quick enough to actually be an asset?

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