Kamala Harris to introduce plan to end gender pay gap

As I am going against the "Reddit Political Narrative," I expect to be downvoted so my "Wrongthink" will be covered up, but I feel this needs to be said regardless:

This, like most of Harris' "policies," looks relatively-nice on its surface but, once dug deeper, makes no sense whatsoever.

This "policy" is literally suggesting the government should be able to control how private businesses pay their employees, without taking anything into account as to WHY (if at all) gender pay gap(s) allegedly exist.

Want to know what happens if something like this is promoted? Hiring of women will drop like a rock. And, moreover, as this is a free country, there is no way that the government could ever attempt to force private companies into hiring women over men even if it wanted to (not to mention that people should be hired and employed based on merit and skill, NOT on gender/sex/etc/race/etc...)

The old adage really does seem to be playing true in terms of Harris' ideas, i.e. the difference between a conservative and a liberal:

To a conservative a fair race in one is which everyone starts at the same time. To a liberal, a fair race is one in which everyone crosses the finish line at the same time.

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