Kamala Harris runs into Joe Biden on Amtrak, and now people want them to be running mates

The current field of Democratic hopefuls is really disappointing. The DNC knows the base needs to be inspired to show up to the polls. They had two years to recruit and groom that candidate. And in their utter incompetence they chose Kamala Harris to be that candidate. Biden has never been a draw. Warren is the loveable college professor that tends to get a little loopy at times, Booker is gaffe prone and comes across as naive, Gillibrand ousted Franken, Castro is a no name and once people become familiar with his name they'll be scared, Klobuchar is a footnote and also a former prosecutor like Harris, Tulsi is reviled by establishment Dems and mainstream media(which might play to her advantage later) but still also a no name amongst the general electorate, Beto and Abrams lost their races, who else is left with name recognition and enthusiasm besides Sanders?

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