Kane: "We hope UEFA are strong with their sanctions. That's all we can hope for. It's disappointing, we're here to play football, to put on a show for ALL fans, home or away. It's a shame there's a few that decides to act like that."

I'm laying into you and other fans sitting around saying 'We get it. You don't like the English' it's tedious to read.

I'm only laying into the English sitting here saying they don't get why people banter them. Seems like your reading comprehension needs a little nudge mate.

If I come across as a cunt on reddit, because I call out a hypocritical crybaby, then so be it.

'Your overinflated sense of self importance thinks that.....' -You are aware that I'm commenting on the fact I'm tired of the English people on here saying 'boohoo you dont like english :(' so not the majority of English people. Just the snowflakes like you. Imagine actually writing that sentence 'overinflated sense of self importance' lmao.

I know you and most people would condemt the racists if they were English. Thats why I said 'VAST MAJORITY OF ENGLISH ARE NOT'

Saying I'm determined to attack the british is a sign of your overinflated sense of self importance, since I'm just speaking to you and the others saying 'we being bullied'. Grow up.

Also - I'm not going to respond to you again, since you unlike the nice lad I discussed with last night - lack basic reading comprehension and are more sensitive than a toddler not getting candy.

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