Kansas moves to implement $25 ATM withdrawal limit for welfare recipients

This means that you have the resources, right now, to give a little bit of what you have so that others can have a chance.

There is no giving involved. They are taking it.

However, not every poor person who has kids just decides to on a whim, with the expectation of getting aid for them.

I'm not saying they do. I'm not saying shit doesn't happen. I'm just saying it isn't my job to fix it for you.

6% of your salary? If you have the life you say you do, that 6% obviously isn't affecting you much at all.

That is the portion my property tax payment for the SCHOOLS. That doesn't include the rest of it or the state and federal taxes i pay on my income. I don't make a ton of money. I just have insanely low spending levels. Because I can "afford it" isn't a reason to take it from me. You can afford it too! This shit is madding. I'm not getting my retirement stolen from me and I truly think they means test SS when I'm around 65. I'm not going to work my ass off to live like the rest of you chumps come 65 because they determine "I have enough". No, I will blow my money prior to then so I'm an average retard at 65. They aren't going to put everyone on the streets. It just won't happen. So I'll get me some free money. Worst case I live like whatever 60% of Americans live like.

If you have so little self respect that you're willing to do absolutely nothing but dick around all day and live off of others, that's kinda sad to me, honestly.

Much like the people milking welfare. If they can game the system so can I. I've been looking into what I need to do.

And as I discussed in another response elsewhere in this thread, living in poverty is certainly not an experience an person with a shred of self respect or drive wants to do.

I agree but if you make it so I'm taxed so badly and at such a high rate I'll sit on my ass and leech the system also. If you can't be part of the solution you might as well be part of the problem. Everything is a choice.

I'm saving money and going back to college with the goal of becoming a nurse.

Oh, lord.

I'm going to tell a few things and I'm going to keep it as short as I can. Before you head down that path you better check you school out very carefully. Find the NCLEX pass rates. Also more importantly find out the schools attrition rates. Mine lost nearly 50% in the first 2 semesters. The school does have a near 100% NCLEX pass rate. Guess we all found out why. Anyways nursing schools (most) don't give a shit about anything other than the NCLEX pass rate. If you flunk out it isn't held against them. So some blow nearly everyone out of the water. If you don't pass you don't test. Also once you are at one school you pretty much are stuck there. The credits don't transfer.


Try and find one of those schools also if you are a guy. ADN is dying. Everyone is wanting BSN. That nursing shortage you hear about is for nurses who want to work nights and weekends. Any school that has a 1 fail, 1 drop, 1 withdrawl policy do not attend. I thought classes were a joke in hindsight and I was confident in my ability to pass them if I could retake them, but if I had to back out and then did fail a class it would stop me out. It was just the most God awful schooling I have ever had. I was learning what they wanted after the fact. What the hell am I supposed to be learning? I couldn't find anyone that knew they were going to pass in the later stages of school. Everyone was always pushing failure level. I'm not sure if they were just picking who passed or not. It was just shady as shit. You get one teacher that doesn't like you and your out. There was to much subjective grading. I decided I wasn't giving up 2 more years of my life to take a pay cut and then have to go get a BSN. I wasn't walking away from my job.

Nursing school would have ruined my life more than likely. Google it.


I was very lucky in that I didn't quit my job. My personal take on it was they are pushing so hard to be a "profession" they have jumped the shark. Passion for the profession. If I ever hear "As a nurse......." and ".......profession" it will be to soon. Bunch of fucking martyrs. It isn't a profession. They were bragging about how it was harder than engineering. I'm like engineering is hard because of math. This is hard because I have 4 different text books that all say different things and they conflict with each other. What is the right answer for a test? NCLEX test questions are the dumbest thing I have ever dealt with in my life. I could remember the textbook verbatim and couldn't answer questions sometimes because they were so fucked up in the wording.

So to say I have a bad experience would be sugar coating it. And you know what I am? I guy who was working to much and quit. That is what they see. Work was my salvation. I didn't have to put up with that shit so I left.

You can do what you want but if I was your age I'd consider going military. If you do go to nursing school be careful on which on you pick.

Good luck.

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