Kanye says he is giving back the 50% share of every GOOD Music Artist’s masters back

Didn't say it's fine to be poor. Just that you're part of the wealth distribution problem and benefiting greatly. Maybe not 1% but very high up. Anyway kinda gone over this like in 10 comments. You guys seem to have a preset of arguments from other people you've argued with because you're arguing things I've never said.

The prices are relative yes, but the strength of the dollars you own is the leverage America has over the rest of the world and is directly tied to those business. The stock market rally over the last few years has been primarily from tech stocks.

Man if I hear "you're on hip hop subreddit..." Again smh. Most of it is literally about getting money lmao. Most talked about rapper on here is a billionaire. I never understand that shit lol, do I have to align to all their views? You guys always get pressed when they bring up religion, NOI, astrology, vaccines... shit who the fuck cares?

I don't care about electric cars or Tesla I'm just telling you the truth. The X amount of wealth claims are just misleading. Anyone who bought stock has benefited greatly. People who bought his products too. Also all the innovations from the other companies he started.

Even with the PayPal example. He got that billion and turned it into 300B of value that many people own and you where allowed to buy as well.

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