Kanye West’s new album “Jesus Is King” is now available.

Damn i feel the exact same way. i love Kanye's music to death, we received from TCD to ye all just such amazing albums, and every single one had a major switch up, from soul to jazz to autotune to minimalistic music with perfectly executed, complete lightning in a bottle quality. He always had that 'thing' but it only shines through on a few tracks on JIK.

I honestly couldn't care when this album would've dropped i wanted him to take his time but i'm just afraid that this ruins his discography and we'll never get old ye back, because god damn kanye is fucking amazing.

Like if he would've added some simple drums on some of the tracks they would've sounded way better but he didn't for the single reason that it's not 'christian' enough? I'm a Christian but how does that make sense? If the music is worse the message is worse.

I would like him continuing with gospel influenced songs like OG Chakras or current Selah. But i genuinely hope Jesus Is Born won't drop, cause it'll probably be fucking shit for ye's standards, way worse than JIK.

Again even though i like the album quite a lot in my head i don't look on it positively cause of this wave of anticlimax, but that might disapear soon.

I just HOPE SO MUCH this is a single unique special phase/moment in his discography cause that would be great and might prefer it to Yandhi. But if he doesn't return to his old production style from the next album, i probably won't appreciate and admire him as much as i do now.

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