Karate champion executed in Iran was given only 15 minutes to plead case

Other ancient religions also have similar archetypes too like you could say the legend of the Phoenix is like the resurrection, I live in the country where that is the predominant religion, but no one thinks that concept is the same as the Christian doctrine of the Trinity. Completely different concepts, only united in the number 3. Would you say their concept of avatar is akin to the incarnation of Jesus? Even ancient Mesopotamian religion has a flood account like the flood of Noah, a very similar story about a righteous suffering man like Job. Does any of it take away from Christianity? Even if it's a copy, don't you think it's a good instance of taking good things from other cultures like remaining faithful in the face of trials?

The weirdest theory I heard was how "Abraham" and "Sarah" are actually "Brahma" and "Saraswati" with different spellings. lol. somehow this one triggers everyone of all these religions. But I do concede, it is a nice coincidence (the spelling)

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