Karen doesn't think a student should be allowed to have dreadlocks

Weirdly enough, with my youngest, hers formed naturally within hours. I washed her hair daily or every other day (depending on season) and brushed it daily. Within hours of brushing, her hair would form natural "dreads". Clean brushed hair not twisted. It would somehow twist on its own? She wasn't even doing anything like rubbing her head against something to create it (I used to watch cuz I couldn't figure it out). In mere hours my little one looked like she was getting ready to pull out a doobie and tell me "right on man" lol. People used to give me such shit for it. I'd brush them out and brush them out and she'd get so pissed off at me cuz it hurt no matter how gentle I was. Her hair still kinda natural does it but as its gotten thicker it hasn't been as intense. It was crazy though.

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