Karen gets upset because man who is a Gold or Diamond Hilton member is getting service before everyone else. Assaults that man and gets her partner knocked out.

Yeah it is. Consider the Hollywood Stuntz Gang Assault in NYC, 2013. A group of bikers were doing stunts on the highway and one of them got clipped by an SUV and fell. Some of the bikers surround the SUV and start beating on it, while most of the bikers stand back, and one biker in particular went to the downed rider to perform first aid. Once the SUV driver felt he was in danger, he stepped on the gas pedal and ran over the biker performing first aid, paralyzing him for life. The SUV driver was never charged. The kid who got paralyzed for being in the wrong place at the wrong time wound up going on TV to apologize to the SUV driver.

If you're in a group and one member gets violent, you are responsible for that.

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