Karen Learns If You Have Nothing Nice To Say Then Don't Say Anything At All The Hard Way

Seriously though, I had a customer go off on me and demanded higher ups for weeks (all told him he messed up an install) until he got through to the EVP of sales. I was on a conference call where the EVP just casually, politely and elegantly tore into him on every statement. When you are backed by an EVP who calls someone on their BS that is the highest praise you can receive.

Also was on the receiving end of said EVP one time and it was soooooo beneficial. I had a bad habit and he ripped into me like a sports coach just wanting to see me do better. That pep talk made me improve so much in my day to day. I hold that EVP in the highest regards but unfortunately he is retiring soon and his replacement just likes hearing himself talk and doesnt listen to shit

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