Karma is a biatch

I joined this sub to try to understand vegan's mind. I'll admit it took me a while to understand the subs name, but I got it, I get it, you need to cry and complain about how cruel the world is to animals. I kept quite, trying to imagine myself in vegan's vegan shoes. Now this, laughing, humiliating some one who almost got killed I cant handle. If he was sport/trophy hunting or poaching, fine, agreed, fuck him. But if he bought tags for deer that money goes to wildlife conservation. Have any of you ever just bought a deer tag and not go and kill a deer? Try it, you might like it. But what if he was trying to get some meat for his family so he wouldn't have to buy factory farmed meat? Some of you need to check yourselves. Rant over. Bring on the down doots.

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