Karmine Corp vs. GamerLegion / EM 2022 Spring - Group B / Post-Match Discussion

Sigh. Cabo is certainly a very good player, but he also gets a lot of resources. 113 plays nearly exclusively for top. Just watch todays game - since everyone knows that 113 will be top, Gamerlegion went 4 man bot and tried to force bot, while 113 got Cabo ahead. Rekkles playing an incredibly strong weak side and absorbing a lot of pressure is a large factor in Cabo looking so good.

Just take last years MSF in the LEC: everyone and their mother were praising Hirit, but he just got all the attention from Razork. The moment he had to stand on his own feet and get his own advantages he looked terrible. Now, Cabo is a lot better than Hirit and can also create his own advantages, but he does profit from KCs playstyle.

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