Kavanaugh defender Amy Chua's daughter gets Supreme Court job with Kavanaugh

I'm not related to the family nor do I personally know them. I just think it's strange for people to make angry statements about others when there's public evidence stating otherwise. It's okay for people to be suspicious over her clerkship but I disagree with the notion that they are undeserving products of generational nepotism. Discrediting achievements simply because someone has a family member affiliated with a certain institution is no different from saying that a minority only rose to a position because of affirmative action, which would rile up half the sub. I'm not talking about the clerkship, I'm talking about their college admissions.

I cite her book because I've read it unlike many of the people in the comment section. She mentions the bulk of the information I stated above. I also commented to her defense on comments above that were making false claims about her own book. I may not support her parenting style but the mob mentality going on here is ridiculous. I think it's sad that trying to be reasonable and not jump into a hate-train causes people to think you're someone's puppet.

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