Kaya naman pala: Duterte’s riling-up of Christians and Feminists is a blatant attempt to distract from Lorenzana’s selling-out of the Philippines to China

it's actually kinda sad when you think about it

I mean—PNoy wasn't the "best president of all time" but people were legit accusing him of being psychologically unfit to become president/having some sort of mental disorder, i.e. "Abnoy."

And yet, there is a resounding silence when it comes to the words of a President, admitting to an act of molestation. Even if many Filipinos wouldn't consider that wrong on the basis of the act ("Binata lang siya no'n," "Lalaki siya," etc.) wouldn't admitting to molesting be wrong to Filipinos at least on the basis of face—i.e. ipinapahiya ni Duterte ang kanyang pamilya/kabaro/bansa?


It makes you think what Filipinos consider "abnormal."

Kinda sad.

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