Keanu Reeves laughs out loud at a man trying to sell him the idea of NFT's. Skeptics and Cryptobros Right Click, Save As their way down the Rabbit Hole.

Well, first of all you asked about the “potential”. So most of the things I listed are POTENTIAL future use cases for NFT’s.

However, NFT music rights is already a thing.

Blockchain based stock markets and exchanges are already being developed as well. There are a decent amount of studies you can read about this. And a few prototypes in development.

Fractionalization of asset ownership enables the bottom 90% to invest in things that, previously, only the top 10% had access to.

I gave you a list of use cases. You can take that and google it and learn more. Obviously you don’t want to hear any opposing views from a Redditor. So why not go learn for yourself?

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