Keep relapsing, when an urge comes I become complacent think oh why do I need to improve myself I'm fine, I'm like oh there's always next streak than after relapse feel bad. How do I fix this and get past the hurdle?

all coments are useless. you need to realize one thing. it is not you relapsing,because you are totally absent when relapse have three centers.mind body(moving) and emotional center. you know it is bad with your mind center.but emotional and moving center are not easily affected by this.body has very strong patterns in brain due to dozens of repetitions of relapse and emotional center also have strong emotional bound attached to it..when you decide not to relapse with your mind you also need to conquer emotional center by making impressions on it. emotionally you need to feel the process and body will automaticly response to other two(mind and heart roughly) but you should have some more moments of success ,memories of being able to say simply no to heart (that's where you need to work,to feel what emotional center uses (sentences,excuses,some different feeling)) and resist to it as a mind. for more information I advice you all to watch this playlist to understand yourselves since it is life and death importance. although it is not about semen retention but after watching whole playlist tutorials,working with yourself becomes easier due to making another an higher aim rather than not masturbating :))) good luck brother

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