Keep talking to her and see what happens, or cut my losses and end it?

Lots of great advice here. Thank you.

Whether I like her or not... yes, I do, but I still feel as though I hardly know her. That’s my sticking point right now. Sure, we’ve spent a lot of time talking and getting to know things about one another, but really knowing someone comes with the opportunity to spend time together, in my honest opinion. I know that many of our values and interests align, but personality and lifestyle are tricky things to discern at a distance. Unfortunately, our first face-to-face meeting was way too full-on for me and at such a distance, the opportunities to continue to get to know one another will be few and far between. They will also require a serious commitment. Again, I think one of the important points to note here is that this whole thing is BEGINNING as long distance. That’s very different from becoming long distance because of various circumstances after you’ve already established a relationship in person.

I think she is understanding and I think her intentions are good. She has already shown that in the way she has started to communicate with me since yesterday.

The NEEDING vs. WANTING point is extremely poignant. This is where I’m genuinely unsure how she feels. Everything about our interaction this weekend pointed toward former. That worries me.

But yes, you’re right. Throw your cards on the table. I’ve done nothing but that since we began speaking to one another. I think we need to continue talking, but I also have a lot of thinking to do. The last thing I want is to string anyone along.

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