I keep thinking I want to have OCD to gain attention?

you really really do not want to have OCD. a huge misconception about the disorder is people thinking it's merely wanting items to be all organised and pretty, when it's so much more than that - this is clear from how loosely people who don't have the disorder throw around the phrase "it's my OCD acting up". OCD typically goes hand in hand with anxiety disorders due to the nature of it, making people who suffer from the disorder unable to function as well in society or social situations. obsessive thoughts will trigger a negative reaction if the person doesn't do what their brain is telling them to do. by doing this action or by fulfilling this compulsion, the person feels relief. for example, someone with OCD may think that if they don't do a certain thing, something bad is going to happen, and the only thing to prevent that is by listening to the obsessive thought. hence the reason why people don't usually /want/ to experience this as you practically become trapped in your mind with reduced free will... however a big thing with OCD is how some people are very aware that their actions are abnormal, which may lead some people to question whether they do have OCD since they seem almost too aware of their actions. i'm not going to tell you you haven't got OCD nor tell you that you may have it, but i don't really see what you're saying in your post as being an intrusive thought.

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