I keep trying CT and then relapsing very shortly after. Should I try taper instead?

I’m gonna be very honestly with you man. Tapering is gonna be difficult if you don’t have any discipline. I was once like you. I would try quitting CT the WD would get way too hard for me day 2 which lead me to residing. When I tapered though I was 100% committed to quitting that shit. There’s no “oh I’ll take a little more but just for this dose” during your taper. I personally did a super aggressive taper which took about 10 days to get down to 1gpd when I quit. I still had some shitty symptoms but no where as near as bad as they were when trying to quit CT. Moral of this I guess is that you gotta have a real moment with yourself do you actually want to quit. If so... write down your game plan for your taper then follow suite. Only you’re on your last 2 days and have been successful flush everything you don’t need and don’t look back. Power through the first 5 days you’ll start feeling much better. Then comes the mental part of it all. And most people get bored or have that “oh I’ll just dose this one time” and slip right back into it. There’s no such thing as “just one time” anyways I don’t wanna write you a whole book I’m sure you get the point. You fucking got this & congrats on wanting to quit that bullshit. Life is much better when you quit.

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