Why do you keep using this app?

Depop hasn't been very good for a solid 3 or so years, I've moved onto vinted primarily, the customer base on depop seem to want something for nothing, whilst we have to lose alot of money to depop fees. Not sure what for exactly as the app STILL doesn't give me notifications, search feature is clogged with irrelevant items due to tags, I've had legit items removed for no reason, whilst alot of fakes (pokemon games for example) stay up with no repercussions. Depop featured page literally goes against there own terms alot of the time. Alot of items have insane asking prices for no reason, literally children's clothes alot of the times, payments held is also an issue as you mentioned, I could go on honestly, but I've lost hope after hanging on for so long, sorry to rant, but there is so many issues with the app

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