Keep your head up, Wild. Nazem Kadri has come to the Central Division.

Imagine being so entranced by your own fandom that you think I meant he was diving, when literally no one uses "flopping" for diving outside of soccer.

Everyone in the mild sub acts like this SINGLE ACT was what caused his downfall in performance and his career, he was 35 when he got hit, he was on the back end of his career. His numbers literally were never as good as his first year in MN, and were only slightly worse than his 2013 year after the hit.

Not to amass this all on you

And since (the MildSub) are playing the "no one on this sub defended Matt Cooke" it took me 4 seconds to find this thread, and another maybe 15 seconds to find this comment. Anyone saying he shouldn't be suspended is no different.

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