Kelsey Grammer says talks are happening to reboot 'Frasier'

They never get too explicitly political on the show, but I think Frasier and Niles would be kind of mild mainstream Democrats. They'd host fundraisers for LGBTQ rights and fighting climate change, but I don't think they'd actually be out fighting for universal health care, progressive taxation to support minimum wage increases, union issues, etc. I think Frasier and Niles would have liked Hillary Clinton, but would feel a bit threatened by someone like Ocasio-Cortez, who I think Daphne (who grew up with universal healthcare and a working-class background) would like. Martin, not that he could be in a reboot, I think would lean right because he prizes tradition and loves 'hard on crime' stuff. I'd see him initially supporting Trump, then slowly getting more and more disillusioned, but hesitating to admit it.

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