Kenny - you scared of what's coming tomorrow? Ten days after the initial spikes of January 13 and February 24 resulted in another crazy gamma runup on January 28 and March 10. What's behind door number $350? Apes - BE PREPARED for another run up and flash crash down on June 9!

Anyone with one wrinkle can see what going on (and SEC seems to have none). I have been lurking WSB every now and then just to see what they are doing there. I went and checked the stocks they promote there. It´s the same story every time. It has been going up slightly (they have most likely been loading up the stock as slow as possible) a day or two before they start to push it in WSB and MSM. And then they/or WSB push it up in pre-market and at the start of the day. Then it comes crashing down after they finds the first proper resistance.

WSB "apes" are the perfect target for them. They love loss and gain porn. They have diamond hands - they are prepared to buy and hold - they are ready to buy up all the shares they throw in the market - dips don´t matter. They all make money (of course the hedgies make much more) and the more money the WSB apes make the more money the hedge funds make because every time they are able to pump up the next stock even higher than before. And at the same time they are able to bring out the narrative that apes are "danger to the system" and retail is the one that needs to be more regulated by the SEC.

Hope GG is not a smooth brain. The right thing to do would be to shut down WSB asap. They are using that smooth brain group systematicly to manipulate the markets. And they don´t need to pump up crypto anymore. They make more money with WSB. Most of the apes in WSB propably realise what is going on but nobody wants to blow the whistle because "everyone" is making more money than ever.

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