Kentucky sees highest spike in coronavirus cases after lockdown protests

The Post links to an article from the local Lexington Herald-Leader. While most of the comments are sound, the lead comment has so much disinformation, you would think it was written by Russia or North Korea.

QUOTE: "I can’t believe the idiocy of the responses I have read. You actually believe the lies and inflated numbers of the infected and deaths of COVID 19. GET INFORMED PEOPLE!! Nurses are being sent home because there are not enough patients for which to care!! The Corona virus has between a 98 and 99% recovery rate. The people who die have a compromised immune system or an underlying health problem. The CDC also states that individuals who become infected are able to care for themselves at home. The Corona virus is NOT comparable to the Bubonic plague and is less dangerous than the Measles, chicken pox or the flu. It has already been revealed that many illnesses diagnosed as COVID 19 were wrong. In addition, the cause of death of many people said to be from COVID19 is greatly exaggerated. Interfering with the normal daily activities of people and restricting their association with friends and relatives causes a lot of harm physically and mentally. The suicide rate has increased 400% due to this lockdown. This is an engineered panic created by the Democrat controlled media. The backlash of which you speak is occurring to the people who enjoy having the government run your life. The backlash is the destruction of a soaring economy, constitutional rights being trampled, peoples livelihood being lost, more emotional illnesses, major increase in suicide, the loss of a civilization as we know it. That is too big of a price to pay over a virus that does not kill everyone it infects and can be controlled by vigilant hand washing and keeping your hands away from your face."

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