I have kept my [23F] relationship with my boyfriend [27 M] of over 2 years a secret from my family, and the constant lying is eating me up inside.

Hi there, I come from a pretty close minded middle eastern family mindset. So, moving out is a big no no, unless you're leaving for school, or getting married. Living with a SO, goodbye forever your family hates you now.

The other day I told my dad that he treats me like a child, and he said in his eyes I'm always going to be a child. So he will continue to treat me like one. He tells me that customer service people never take me seriously, because I am a kid, and they need to talk to someone like him, an adult, for anything to get resolved.

You're right, my main goal right now is saving up money, and hopefully finding a place within the near future near my work (I drive almost 2 hours each way a day for work right now). My paychecks are currently going to paying off some debt I built up during undergrad living expenses. But once that is taken care of I'm saving up. I downloaded a money management/budget app to help me with that.

I no longer have any mail or packages sent to my house. I have it sent to my friend's apartment. All my credit card statements are electronic. I changed all my passwords to my banking, and credit card accounts so they cannot snoop and see what I am spending my money on. My dad thinks that someone my age should not spend more than $150/month. I SPEND nearly $110 a week on gas alone

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