Keto for Depression, 12 month thoughts

Keto = a ketogenic diet, which was developed to help medical conditions (specifically epilepsy in children) by eliminating inflammatory foods and the production of ketones in the blood.

Ketosis = ketosis, the state of burning fat as fuel and producing ketones in the blood.

I’m not redefining words because you don’t choose to research and find out about the difference.

I’m also not ‘national gatekeeping’. I was merely pointing out how it seems to differ from country to country. If you choose to get all defensive and offensive about that, that is your issue not mine. Nowhere did I say ‘you’re doing it wrong’ or ‘you’re uneducated’. I merely shared my experience (which is similar to that of the OP) and commented on the differences of how keto (mainstream) is viewed in my country and that of the OP.

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