Keto, while being unable to cook

Do you have a fridge?

I travel frequently for work and if i'm somewhere more than 3 nights, i'll generally go grocery shopping rather than eating out for every meal. My go to simple meal is a bag of spinach, an avocado and precooked chicken breasts (or some other protein from the deli if that's not available). I can happily rely on that for several nights and beyond warming up the chicken you don't even need a microwave.

If i'm staying somewhere longer, i'll grab some other veggies, maybe some hardboiled eggs or some other protein from the deli, some cheese, etc for variety, but the basic idea stays the same. You can cook eggs in the microwave and they're not terrible, but i prefer to just buy hardboiled in that scenario.

I do IF and generally only eat in the evenings, but if the hotel has a good breakfast (e.g. omelette bar or other made to order eggs, bacon (or sausage if there are nutrition facts), lots of veggies, etc) i'll switch and just eat breakfast and make that my one meal of the day.

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