Kevin Lunney doused with bleach and branded in 'excruciating' ordeal

Thanks for your input.

The fact is the you don't have to shoot anybody to end an encounter - the act of opening fire will cause almost everyone to stop approaching and in most cases to run.

I don't have combat experience, but I have been shot at, and I did duck and run. Firearms are incredibly effective at discouraging assailants, which is why they are used that way all around the world.

Drawing and firing your first shot takes an order of magnitude less time than making a phone call - modern striker-fired pistols are the ultimate ergonomic objects. You draw, aim, and fire - under two seconds from the seated position in a car with minimal training.

The fact is that, having read the article, this is exactly a scenario where a firearm could have prevented the abduction. Once taken to a third location, there was nothing preventing the assailants from killing Lunney - they very nearly did. In his position, I would prefer the option to defend myself than to submit to that possibility.

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