"The key decision people don't seem to have figured out yet with the new money system is if it's worth trading 1-2 people to stop a plant or not."

Yeah but think of this,

Because of how loss bonuses accumulate, the losing team gets more full buys. Consistently beating full buys is not easy. Because of this, it is harder to have lopsided halves, and 12-3 etc are arguably more impressive because there is less saving on the losing team.

I'm not saying the system is better or worse (just different). It seems like the better team still wins on paper (perhaps even more consistently?). I'm certainly not an expert on the meta of csgo (and correct me if I'm wrong on my analysis), but this seems like a system that

a) allows more full buys

b) lets the better team win more consistently


c) doesn't detract from the viewing experience

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