Khabib Nurmagomedov will fight Justin Gaethje on October 24, says UFC president Dana White.

I think Gaethje is a great person and believe me, I DO believe he deserves it.


I still think it should be Tony/Khabib and this is because we're in an era where guys are jumping up in in the rankings for no reason other than popularity. Yes, it makes no sense and I'm sure you're gonna argue with me about it, I just wanna see Tony/Khabib and PERSONALLY I felt he looked tired and off against Gaethje.

Hate me all you want, I'm just saying if Gilbert Burns can jump Leon Edwards because of his win-streak, but Tony's shot is finished because he lost ONCE in 8 years during a fucked up time anyway, that's whack.

I think Tony and Khabib should still fight, the winner gets Gaethje. If Tony is somehow the world champ, then he gets to prove that he actually is against Gaethje again, if not, Khabib can do his legendary 30th fight against Gaethje, and assume the mantle as champion if Khabib bows out after 30 wins

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